Projects in Rails#1 – Depot – web-based shopping cart application in Ruby on Rails

In this Project I really learned a lot of things. The most important thing is that I made a project through iterations using Agile Software development approach.

Each iteration can be analyzed through the commits that are available as open source code on my github account. 

List of details what I learned here:

Creating new Rails app
Configuring the DB
Creating models and controllers
Adding a stylesheet
Updating layout and view
Performing validation and error reporting
Unit testing
Writing my own views
Integrating CSS/SCSS
Using helpers
Writing functional tests
Working with sessions and sessions management
Adding relationships between models
Adding a product to cart
Using partial templates
Rendering into the page layout
Updating page dynamically with AJAX and jQuery
Highlighting changes with jQuery UI
Hiding and revealing DOM elements
Testing the AJAX updates
Creating forms based on models
Adding secure passwords
Adding authentication
Using Rails console
Using database transaction
Writing an Active Record hook
Localizing templates with i18n



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