Cloud9 IDE & Ruby on Rails are best friends


Cloud9 provides a hosted development environment. Simply put, you get access to a remote computer from your web browser.

The Cloud9 computer runs Ubuntu Linux, a popular operating system for Rails development. The online computer is instantly created with everything in place to immediately begin working on projects in Rails. This guide will orient you and provide additional details so you can be productive with Rails.


There is no cost to set up an account. You will only be charged if you decide to add extra storage or memory.

For ordinary Rails development, you don’t need extra storage or memory. For typical projects, the Cloud9 service is free.

The Service

The Cloud9 service gives you everything you need for Rails development, including:

  • Unix shell with Ruby pre-installed
  • browser-based file manager
  • browser-based text editor
  • project preview with your own web browser

For pair programming or other collaboration:

  • text chat for conversation
  • shared text editor
  • collaborate remotely

Scope and Limitations

The Cloud9 service offers enormous value. However, these limitations may make it unsuitable for you:

  • requires a fast broadband Internet connection

In principle, Cloud9 allows you to do Rails development from any device that runs a web browser. Cloud9 does not officially support tablets or phones. To be productive:

  • you need a decent-sized screen
  • you need a keyboard

Like any other Rails development environment:

  • you need basic Unix command-line skills


Cloud9 can be used on any operating system that provides a web browser and an Internet connection.

As an alternative to installing Ruby directly on your own computer, Cloud9 can be beneficial:

  • enables complete “cloud-based” development so no files are stored locally
  • provides an “extra computer” or alternative development environment
  • an alternative if you encounter difficulties installing Ruby on your own computer

Developers who travel frequently, or work at multiple sites, like cloud-based development because any computer provides access to a fully-configured, productive development environment. Additionally, cloud-based development means you will remain productive if your laptop is lost, stolen, or fails in service.

More details you can find here





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