Learn today: Using “time_ago_in_words” Action View Date Helper in my Rails app

The Date Helper primarily creates select/option tags for different kinds of dates and times or date and time elements. All of the select-type methods share a number of common options that are as follows:

  • :prefix – overwrites the default prefix of “date” used for the select names. So specifying “birthday” would give birthday[month] instead of date[month] if passed to the select_month method.
  • :include_blank – set to true if it should be possible to set an empty date.
  • :discard_type – set to true if you want to discard the type part of the select name. If set to true, the select_month method would use simply “date” (which can be overwritten using :prefix) instead of date[month].


time_ago_in_words(from_time, options = {}) you can use in the following examples:

# File actionview/lib/action_view/helpers/date_helper.rb, line 178
def time_ago_in_words(from_time, options = {})
  distance_of_time_in_words(from_time, Time.now, options)


time_ago_in_words(3.minutes.from_now)                 # => 3 minutes
time_ago_in_words(3.minutes.ago)                      # => 3 minutes
time_ago_in_words(Time.now - 15.hours)                # => about 15 hours
time_ago_in_words(Time.now)                           # => less than a minute
time_ago_in_words(Time.now, include_seconds: true) # => less than 5 seconds

from_time = Time.now - 3.days - 14.minutes - 25.seconds
time_ago_in_words(from_time)      # => 3 days

from_time = (3.days + 14.minutes + 25.seconds).ago
time_ago_in_words(from_time)      # => 3 days


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