Learn Today: Learn to acquire any skills faster using The Feynman Technique

“I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.” – Richard Feynman


I apply this technique in all subjects what I learn, new skills which I acquire and core ideas are :

  1. Choose your concept! [Take your learning goal, and craft it into a compelling, obsession-worthy mission. Important: Write it down!]
  2. Explain it like I am 5! [Pretend your teaching it to new students, colleagues…]
  3. Pinpoint Your Knowledge Gap! [Whenever you get stuck, go back to the books, tutorials, study guides, notes…]
  4. Use an Analogy!
  5. Simplify the concept! [Using wordy bits]

I will add here a massive deliberate practice in all what you choose in the step 1!

Short video about:




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